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Massachusetts Laws: What you should know!

Cannabis is legal in Massachusetts, but what does that mean?  In this article we will help outline the Cannabis Possession and Consumption laws currently in Massachusetts, and hopefully will help you feel a better grasp of these laws and regulations.

What is needed to purchase cannabis in Massachusetts?

Recreational cannabis only requires a valid government issued ID confirming your identity and that you are 21+ years old.  As a strictly recreational establishment, Bloom Brothers is unable to accept a medical marijuana card as the sole form of identification and cannot offer discounts based on their licensure.

How much marijuana flower can I possess?

An individual, 21 years of age or older may possess up to 1oz(28g) on their person or up to 10oz (280g) in their home.  If storing over 1oz in the home it must be kept away from children and animals and locked out of sight of public view.

Can I legally grow marijuana in my home?

Consumers can grow up to 6 plants in their home, or a limit of 12 plants in the home if 2 adults live on the premises.

Can I consume cannabis in public?

Public consumption of cannabis in Massachusetts is completely illegal.  No open containers are allowed in public, and it is illegal to operate a vehicle after consuming cannabis or cannabis bi-products.

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